The reasons that could make you evaluate a transfer in Sardinia are many, the main one is to move to a place known for being in a blue zone
(high concentration of centenarians), mild and sunny climate all year long, the authenticity of its food, unique fauna and flora and the remarkable beauty of its nature, with a lower cost of living compared to major European cities.
The relaxing quality of life surrounded by many beautiful beaches in Caribbean shades, but the whole two-and-a-half-hour maximum flight from major cities in Europe and without the geopolitical exposure of the most exotic destinations.

1) Sardinia the land of centenarians:
Sardinia is one of the few Blue Zone in the world.
There is a high concentration of centenarians in relation to the resident population, but above all, unique in the world, land where men live longer.
The number of centenarian women and men is in fact almost identical.

The motivations? They are different, for sure one of the credit goes to the DNA of Sardinians, but are also important to live the wild places, eating according to the Mediterranean diet with food at zero kilometres and a good glass of wine with your meal, an active lifestyle and socially rewarding.

A curiosity, although in Italy, the Sardinians have a different character, although their big cult of hospitality, they are not intrusive, they are perhaps more difficult to win, but after you have succeeded you will have a trusted friend for all life.

2) A peaceful place:
Sardinia has only one million and six hundred thousand inhabitants, are only 68 inhabitants/km², moreover, concentrated along the few large coastal cities, which gives the idea of peace and tranquillity that you can live in this beautiful island. If you love a more active life, stay near the coast and in cities such as Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia. (Airports located) You will find the world for you.

3) The Heaven of those who want to remain active:
If you love sailing and golf, hiking or go for mushrooms and truffles, cycling or kayaking, climbing or caving, hunting or fishing, then Sardinia it is the earth for you. First for the great beauty and variety of its landscapes, according to the pure air, the third for the lovely mild climate all year round.

4) A mild climate all year:
Along the coastal areas, where the most of the population lives, thanks to the presence of the sea you have winters with temperatures rarely drop below freezing. The bravest are swimming in the sea from April to November, last year someone has dipped well in January, when we had 20 degrees. January and February are the coldest months of the year with average maximum temperatures around 14 degrees. The summers are hot and dry, characterized by a considerable ventilation. Sea breezes and constant ventilation allow to withstand the high summer temperatures that normally exceed 30 ° C and can reach up to 35 ° C. It rains very little, especially from October to April and Cagliari is the Italian city with the most hours of sunshine.

5) Culture:
It ‘s true that Sardinia has many features compared to the rest of Italy, but we are still in Italy, a land of cultureCagliari is considered among the great Italian cities of art, there are many medieval villages, tens of thousands of archaeological sites from megalithic sites (dolmens, menhirs, domus de Janas, graves of giants and nuraghi), the many Phoenician and Roman cities, more than a hundred coastal towers, dozens and dozens of museums, many also museums related to the culture of the murals. In Sassari and Cagliari, you go to the Opera, and you can attend concerts and music festivals. Not only that, but the culture, traditions and even language of Sardinia are a unique example to be discovered (all still speak fluent Italian and, new generations, also English).

Culture that you will also discover at the table among the many restaurants and clubs that you can find in the lively and crowded historic centres of cities and town on the Sardinian coast, or in the more peaceful country and wine cultivation farms you can find: Pane Carasau, Bottarga, the Porcetto, the Culurgiones, hundreds of fresh bread and traditional pastries, not to mention the variety of cheese, and seafood dishes for a menu that can surprise even the most curious palate.

Did you know that in Sardinia was cultivated, as first, the vine in the Western Mediterranean? You sure will have to taste the good Cannonau, the prestigious Carignano, the excellent Vermentino, the exquisite Malvasia and many other wines and grape varieties, often native to this enchanted island.

6) Low cost of living:
The cost of living is very low in relation to large cities such as London, Paris or Berlin. It tends to rise along the coast, also much in the most popular locations such as the Gallura, but only in 3/4 months of the summer season, when a villa or a house can also be rent for thousands of Euros per week.

7) The dream beaches:
I made you wait a long time to explore the reason that more than anything could push you to choose Sardinia for your retirement: the sea. Over 2,000 km of coastline, an infinite sequence of beaches, coves and bays, with a wide variety, including beaches and rocks. With so many services and entertainment in the summer and with the charm of silence and the sound of the waves in the winter. If you love tanning, swimming, snorkelling, diving, long walks, kayaking, surfing, sailing, boat, fishing, everything that is connected to the sea… then you have to choose Sardinia. Not only seven marine protected areas and national parks, but a Caribbean Sea full of colour and transparencies at no more than two-and-a-half-hour flight from your current home, from friends and family, what do you want more from life?

8) Health:
We said, Sardinia is the land of centenarians, but who among us does not have his ailments? Well Sardinia has many excellences even in the health sector (especially in the treatment of diabetes, anemia, multiple sclerosis and other hereditary diseases), although the most promising is coming from Gallura, where they are coming slowly opened the different departments of the Mater Olbia, a large hospital center of excellence in the care of patients and in clinical research built in partnership between the Bambin Gesù (part of the Vatican) and sovereign investment fund Qatar.

9) Ease of travel:
Sardinia has are 3 airports, in Olbia (in the north east of the island), Alghero (in the northwest) and Cagliari (in the south), is served by major European national airlines and low cost ones. Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Torres and Cagliari are the most important ports, served daily by modern and fast ferries to Italy, France and Spain.

And if you have a boat you could go enjoy a network of more than 20,000 berths along the circumnavigation of the entire island.

10) Investment:
If you buy a house near the coast this can be a great investment to have an extra income by renting rooms, or if you could go back at home, in the middle of the summer months, you could rent your house at a high price, giving you an additional income. Plus none can anymore build within the 300 meters from the coastline, it mean we will never experience too much buildings on Sardinia coast.
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Last but not least:
Sardinia is NOT a seismic land; there are NO snakes or other poisonous animals, and NO big predators (no lions, wolves, bears and so on).

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