After exploring, researching and experiencing the idea of living communally (some of us for over 2 decades) 2 of us started exploring, visiting and researching the idea of moving South to Sardinia in 2020. It was not until August 2023 during the full moon that 5 of us decided to join a more IC (community) focused exploratory trip to Italy, including Sardinia.
Long story short, we had a guided meditation inside an ancient giant’s tomb, where we connected with the giant spirit and the guardians of the land. All of us received crystal clear messages in a download that changed our lives. Subsequently, three of us left our past lives behind and within 2 months, we moved to Sardinia in October 2023, where we are now living and working full time on this project.
Collectively, We visited, lived, and explored different locations around the world where to start this IC project. Our choice became the island of Sardinia, which had been calling us with increasing intensity in the past three years. Here, we secured a rental place by the beach, (2023) in Cagliari, as a base camp, while we narrow down our land purchase and implement our surplus producing projects to fund this venture.

We have already in sight a handful of properties from the dozens we have visited and explored, that are suitable (from our developed criteria), and now we are in the process of inviting a few others who have been following us and expressed interest to join us and co-create/manifest and crystallize this dream together into reality.

Why we chose Bluegiants as our name or why it chose us?
  • Why Giants?
We had a guardian spirit activation inside a Giant’s tomb (Full Moon on Æshwas B-day 1st of Sept 2023) There are more than 800 Giants tombs found in Sardinia and there is a deep and tangible connection to both Egypt and Atlantis.
  • Why Blue?
Clear Blue sunny Skies, the many shades of the blue Sea, and it is located in a Blue Zone area (longevity). Last but not least, the powerful Blue Giant Stars in the heavens.

If you would like to receive further information or visit our project, email us at info@bluegiants.it


The founders, Diego, Wolf and Æshwa, are a group of beings who have chosen to thrive, live cooperatively together and work through the inevitable challenges in different perceptions and see them as an opportunity for spiritual, physical and emotional growth and further our development while visiting this plane of existence.


We envision a place where demonstrating the joy, fun and simplicity of living, by living in the now with the power of high frequency thought leads us to greater happiness. A community where we invite, honour and welcome the sacred divine feminine energies needed during these deeply transformational times. A space in time to heal humanity and the world by starting with myself; balancing my inner Ying and Yang and creating wholistic places around me, that are healthy and conducive to healing itself.


The reasons that could make you evaluate a transfer in Sardinia are many, the main one is to move to a place known for being in a blue zone
(high concentration of centenarians), mild and sunny climate all year long, the authenticity of its food, unique fauna and flora and the remarkable beauty of its nature, with a lower cost of living compared to major European cities.
The relaxing quality of life surrounded by many beautiful beaches in Caribbean shades, but the whole two-and-a-half-hour maximum flight from major cities in Europe and without the geopolitical exposure of the most exotic destinations.

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