Here is our detailed, manifesting, enchanting, energized and filled with joyful feelings, high frequency, powerfully emotionally charged collective vision 🙂

Our Vision:

A conscious, loving, joyful, resilient and sustainable ecovillage that becomes a blueprint, where our values and lifestyles are widely adopted to promote healing, diversity, transformation and life generating communities.

Our Mission:​

To co-create a cheerful, harmonious, healing, succesful, adaptable, self sufficient, ecovillage in a sacred sanctuary for all sentient beings.

Our Approach:

Ancestral Wisdom + Cooperation + Partners + Land Stewardship + Free Pachamama = Thriving resilient communities.
Justice with Compassion
Solidarity, Collaboration and Co-operation
Autonomy and Co-Creation
Justice flows from equity and fairness with compassion.                    
Solidarity requires collaboration and cooperation with tolerance.
Autonomy means independence, through freedom, sovereignty and self-sufficiency.

Our Values:

  • Trust, honour, respect, with integrity, transparency and Impeccability. 
  • Speak your truth, Genuine, Authentic, Sincere. 
  • Intimacy, Healing and Love. 
  •  Self development: Don’t take anything personal. Be non-critical/ instead open-minded, curious and listening to others without assumptions. In other words: acceptance and compassion rather than judgment and blame in a peaceful manner.
  • Spirituality, interconectedness and Consciousness: cultivate a high frequency, loving, words are sounds, frequency with conscious intention manifests.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, participation. Peaceful communication, to know that my way, thought, perception, or truth is not the only way but instead a common pursuit of understanding.
  • Art Appreciation and implementation. Art is the divine expressing itself. Have fun and create.
  • Sacred Ceremonies. Sacredness of our daily lives, and interactions with every being including plant people, stone people, animal kingdom, fungi, all species and elements.
  • Allow things to unfold naturally, caring without attachment of the outcome. Enjoy the Journey!
  • Know thyself (Many tools, Meditate, Silence, Mirror, Numerology, Astrology, Human Design)
  • Equality, Justice, Fairness and Balance meaning health and operating correctly (rather than right or wrong) as a unique You Individual: Creating balance in yourself and so externally as well.
  • Sustainability, Resiliency and Self Sufficienccy through collaboration and cooperation.

More about our collective vision:

A harmonious community where our values and lifestyles are widely adopted to promote healing, diversity, transformation and life generating communities.
Further ahead: A sustainable home world where all IC’s have sustainable resilient safe spaces in which to live in abundance, thrive and share through the alliance of our federation network.
Our vision at Blue Giants Intentional Community (BG IC) is that of a soul tribe based IC, where we offer healing sessions, as well as a wholistic and wholesome lifestyle; fully aware that healing begins within oneself. We foster surroundings conducive to self-regeneration and global restoration, a home where we cultivate a culture of forgiveness: “Hoʻoponopono”. A realm where the essence of joyful, conscious living intertwines with the beauty of the present moment and the power of love and high frequency thoughts and actions. 
Our hearth is a safe space where your spirit feels recalled back home, a haven for kindred souls, united in our pursuit of light, happiness and healing. A rural land where seekers of truth from diverse walks of life coexist, co-create, and manifest harmoniously; nurturing a holistic development rooted in love, consciousness and awareness.

At a glance, you can tangibly see and feel it in our healing centre, surrounded by forests, sculptures, art, organic gardens, orchards, alternative and sustainable construction methods. Taste it in our organic fresh produce and high frequency meals; through our natural learning systems, Feng Shui, democratic processes, our relationship to the kingdoms, elements and all sentient beings. Additionally in our events, workshops, seminars and celebrations.

We Visualize a serene sanctuary, nestled and protected by the nurturing embrace of nature, pachamama, weaving sustainable dwellings that blend with the natural surroundings, echoing ancient wisdom and utilizing natural, local materials that mirror nature’s grace and simplicity yet advance forgotten technology.

Our unfolding journey begins with gentle, yet focused deliberate steps, nurturing a solid foundation; while welcoming new members aligned with our tribe’s ethos. A serene and aesthetically pleasing landscape, with a large forest embracing a safe haven for all beings, fostering cooperation, sharing and collaboration for the greater good.

Imagine a place of celestial beauty, adorned with artistry and sacred symbols, beautiful, yet practical. A space where spirituality and aesthetics coalesce, offering a canvas for shared experiences, growth, and peaceful, loving and inner healing in many modalities.

BG IC vision champions a natural, sustainable and resilient lifestyle, advocating for responsible practices, aiming for zero waste, and while transitioning recycling. Targeting self-sufficiency; while embracing innovation in energy and healing methodologies. It calls for harmony with the Earth, (above and below in all its relations) striving for a silent, balanced, and thriving environment that echoes with joyous frequencies.

Our core essence resonates with the kinship of all sentient beings, recognizing our interconnectedness and shared origin with it all. We encourage heart to heart, shared wisdom with each other and the world, radiating truths and visions sourced from our highest inner guidance.

During this major current planetary transformation, we recognize the potential and the need of a few illuminated souls that can spark a wildfire of change, gradually illuminating the path toward a new paradigm for all of humanity.
Ultimately, our vision paints a picture of a loving and harmonious sacred community space and a haven where souls unite, where love, light, and unity harmonize to herald a new era of peace and enlightenment.

“Create the things you wish existed. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Love is what is all about.
It is why we are here, our Alpha and Omega
the most powerful force in the universe, Love is the way.”

Bio, organic, sustainable, productive edible and medicinal gardens

Relaxing, peaceful, magical, and ritually activated gardens and portals

A healing place both for us and our guests

An extended year long growing season

Furthermore, we envision a place where demonstrating the joy, fun and simplicity of living, by being in the now, with the power of high frequency thoughts leadings us to greater happiness. A community where we invite, honour and welcome the sacred divine feminine energies needed during these deeply transformational times. A space in time to heal humanity and the world by starting with myself; balancing my inner Ying and Yang and creating wholistic places around me, that are healthy and conducive to healing itself. 
An aesthetically pleasing land, harmonious, joyful, peaceful, relaxing; filled with life and biodiversity. An area with, art, music, sculptures, abundant prana, filled with the highest frequencies in the simplest yet most elegant way; like nature in its divine wisdom knows best.
We imagine a home where star seed souls of like mind and ideals join together to form tribes, clans, extended family of light workers, sharing the same frequency of love and healing for the highest ideals.
We see a beautiful land where truth seekers from all walks of life live, work, and manifest together, a harmonious, uplifting, environment filled with beauty in and out that encourages a wholistic development of highest qualities, with conscious and awareness.
A place to be you, to blossom and share your gifts; reach your fullest potential of who you truly are. The true kinship of all human and sentient beings as creation from the same source.

We feel the world is now ready to receive the heart wisdom from our inner guidance.
The truth, light, love and vision that is expanding from our highest inner source.

“Our ideas of and old and new living together in extended families in self-sufficient communities are now spreading through the world like wildfire”

In every community

there is work to be done

In every nation

there are wounds to heal

In every heart

there is the love and power to do it

An extended family where each one can blossom to its full potential

Food forests with local species that require minimum maintenance and maximum output

Art combined and blended with nature and the elementals

High frequency wholesome, diverse and healing foods

We do not see as necessary for the masses to be converted to a new paradigm or social philosophy.  If only a few individuals commit to their light inner guidance, they will spark a fire in the hearts of those around them that will eventually transform a whole world of old ways.

We see us gathering together, sharing our highest ideals, pooling our resources, buying/freeing land in the countryside, as her true guardians, surrounded in balance and harmony with nature. 
A simple peaceful, abundant joyful life, with more inner and outer freedom. 
Living in nature with those of same shared ideals, bringing us happiness and fun known to few city dwellers.

In the company of our tribe and other light, love and sovereign truth seekers, it will be easier to manifest, co-create as we breathe, create and meditate daily to find and share our gifts, to crystallize a new blueprint for humanity.
All around us and just like in nature, pachamama, our beloved mother; she takes care of everything to the last detail, in balance and abundance without waste. In constant growth, flow and transformation. As her children, in our lives, she always sustains us.

A location in Southern Sardinia where acceptance, love & compassion is present instead of judgement, criticism & guilt.

"Where there is adherence to right action from the heart, there is victory, abundance and success"

Peaceful, healing, high frequency sanctuary for all sentient beings

Eating the Rainbow Colours weekly for radiant health

Natural and homemade organic biodegradable cleaning products

I love you mother earth. You are me and I am You.

We visualize different ecological, sustainable, green housing; using local materials and ancient proven wisdom in the most simple way; just like nature uses biomimicry. (See our Architectural Models) Including pyramids, domes, earthships, clay, hempcrete, strawbales, tiny houses etc.
An exquisite, breathtaking event/communal/centre for activities, workshops and seminars.
Individual and shared dwellings will fulfil the need and budget of the current members at the time. A must is a communal space, dining facility, industrial kitchen, where we share at least one daily meal together. Our IC serves vegetarian/vegan for the communal shared collective meals, and whatever individual needs are that differ from the IC are not condoned, as everyone may go through different cycles, nutritional, health and energetical needs etc.

We use exclusively natural biodegradable products for laundry, dish washing, cleaning and aim to be a chemical and artificial/petro based fragrance free community.  As far as alcohol, a glass of wine with meals, as locals do, is accepted. 

Any abuse of any substances or addiction is incompatible with the safe, healthy and high frequency space we are creating as an example for all of us and younger generations.
Smoking, if a must, Only outside the property or in sacred ritual ceremonies.
Anything else should be done in privacy with openness, radical honesty and disclosure.
The IC is clothing optional, but we must be mindful of the relationship with the local norms, culture and in good relationship with the neighbours to maintain good PR and good relations in the larger community.

We do not waste, we recycle, re-use, re purpose, and above all share in our gift economy.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

Bio,i,icry: Nature does not waste

Local, Green and Sustainable housing, Earthships, Cob, Strawbale, Hempcrete, Adobe, Reclaimed, etc.

Inner greenhouses connected to the buildings and earthships

If zero waste is not feasible then we RR&R (Reduce, Recycle & Repurpose)

It is because we feel that we are separate from nature that we also feel it is okay to manipulate it, pollute it, and cause it harm. We project our inner turmoil onto the planet, causing outer turmoil. Nearly all of the disasters of our time—war, famine, oppression, social injustice, environmental pollution, extinction—arise from within us and with this delusional belief that we have an existence independent of the world we live in”

We see us growing organically and continuing to integrate and develop a strong, solid foundation. Then adding a few members in the same manner.  Perhaps 5 to 8 in our first semester then 10 to 12 people by 2024 15-20 by 2025 and 25-30 by 2026. We will check in regularly during our organic growing process without rush and without compromising our full compatibility and integration into our tribe with harmony, joy, love, full acceptance. Balancing our current vibe, needs compatibility matching the needed frequency or higher. The ultimate size of both the land and our tribe as well as the evolving structure and set up will be decided by those who are present at the time.
We can see that a forest will be the larger part of our land. An undisturbed place, a sanctuary, a safe and secure embassy for all sentient beings, elementals, and nature spirits. An area where our intergalactic brother and sisters are invited and feel safe and welcome to cooperate and collaborate for our shared mission of peace, love, light, and advancement to bring a new golden era for earth and humanity.

We see us in a place of Zen/Nirvana aesthetic beauty of the angelic realm of exquisite art and architecture, crystals, sculptures, bridges, paths, gardens, chimes, altars (at least one for each of the elements) A May pole, a spiral, A labyrinth, a temple, a peace tree/pole, a pond or lake, a sauna, a tepee, a sweat lodge, a fire pit, a pizza/bread oven and grill and a greenhouse (at least one of each).

We practice organic, permaculture, biodynamic and sustainable green methods, save our seeds in our own seed bank and trade, barter as much as possible within our extensive network. We become fully self-sufficient within our federation/network in every way.

We install free energy devices and quantum, tachyon, med beds and alternative, ancient and future healing methods here and now. Furthermore, we activate, network and connect with the interdimensional “Seed Gate Project” and with the native wisdom of the indigenous population of the planet, i.e Kogis, Wirris, Australian Indigenous, Khao San and similar projects such as Damanhur with their “Popolo Project” or “The Great Gathering”.

No massive wind mills, electrical towers, transformers, 5G antennas or EM disturbing frequencies in the property or vicinity.
Distant neighbours, and far away traffic/noise, and polluting lights. Pure serenity, silence, peaceful harmonious sounds, negatively ionized and rich prana wellbeing induced by a thriving and joyous natural environment.

Art is an expression of our soul

Embracing the wisdom of indigenous groups

We are the ones we have been waiting for beloved

Implementing ancient and advanced alternative energy sources

World Peace starts within each one of us

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