The founders, Diego, Wolf and Æshwa, are a group of beings who have chosen to thrive, live cooperatively together and work through the inevitable challenges in different perceptions and see them as an opportunity for spiritual, physical and emotional growth and further our development while visiting this plane of existence.

We converged due to our shared call, frequency, vision and values (developing and in progress awaiting your input as an equal beloved member of our tribe) and allow it to guide individual and collective responses.

We see the communal space, in and out, including the land as a living being that we want to harmoniously caretake and love, with our tribe, kindred souls and extended family. It is essential that our shared frequency and compatibility is absolutely on the same level. We see this as an integral part of our coming together, by the law of resonance and magnetism. We attract who we are, and thus we live it daily in manifesting thoughts, deed and actions.



Had a life in the corporate world (Business, Tax and Finance) developing parallel to his true passion for Sustainability, Gaia and IC’s before awakening to his shamanistic, healing memories. He has been involved with the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, the Fellowship for Intentional Communities, Communities Magazines, Global Eco-village Network, and Twin Oaks Communities Conference.  

A grass root organizer with experiences in Scandinavia, Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South America. He has lived and travelled through over 100 communities worldwide and is a co-founder of IC’s such as (Visionarios, Eco-Venus, La casa de Pandora, Shamanteria, Chirusco as well as the Utopian Ecovillage Network (UEVN), the first Seed Festival in Adelaide/Australia, South Australian Damanhurian Esoteric school of Meditation group, the Alliance of Intentional Communities Australia (AICA) and now The Blue Giants).

Some of his hobbies are nutrition, healing, body work, shamanism, rituals, daily meditation, landscaping, gardening, cooking/food processing, dancing, Yo-Kung, photography, writing, collecting heirloom seeds, developing self-sufficiency, resiliency and sustainability.
He has a passion for the land as our mother and believes as custodians of Pachamama it is our duty to maintain its/our health and vitality, therefore ensuring the health and vitality of the plants, the environment and ultimately our own well-being.



The energetic connections on the
body-mind-soul level often have an invisible effect on our health and well-being, which cannot be explained by our mind alone, and I support people on their path to self-knowledge. Based on the books “Conversations with God” and “A Course in Miracles”, I was able to find a direct connection to omnipresent love (God). The path of meditation / presence and self-love led me to end my life as a successful businessman in order to experience a life full of love and presence. I accompany people on their path of self-knowledge and convey, among other things, my experiences of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and accompany people to recognize and understand their information / traumas. If necessary also in connection with conventional medicine. My intention is to be of service and to share my many years of experience that I remember and live
with my brothers and sisters. In Love.



DIEGO from the Tree of Health – holistic therapist with Italian roots, acupuncturist, Reiki master and teacher, hyponotherapist, naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist. Creator of original reflexology technique – DermopsychosomaticaⓇ, creator of the only Calligaris Academy in Poland.
Inventor of groundbreaking technologies. Using extensive therapeutic experience in working with individual clients and as a lecturer at Italian schools of reflexology. In his work he combines a range of healing techniques: DermopsychosomaticaⓇ, meditation, mindfulness, the healing influence of pyramids and trees, self-discovery techniques, dream work, breathing methods, bio-resonance, herbal medicine, healthy eating.
Passionate about nature, shamanism and holistic approach to human health. Inventor, creator, implementer of original projects. He has a natural gift of sensitivity to the spiritual beauty of another human being.
Just being in his energy field has a soothing and regenerating effect on .
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