DIEGO from the Tree of Health – holistic therapist with Italian roots, acupuncturist, Reiki master and teacher, hyponotherapist, naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist. Creator of original reflexology technique –Dermopsychosomatica®, creator of the only Calligaris Academy in Poland. 

Inventor of groundbreaking technologies. Using extensive therapeutic experience in working with individual clients and as a lecturer at Italian schools of reflexology. In his work he combines a range of healing techniques: Dermopsychosomatica®, meditation, mindfulness, the healing influence of pyramids and trees, self-discovery techniques, dream work, breathing methods, bio-resonance, herbal medicine, healthy eating. 

Passionate about nature, shamanism and holistic approach to human health. Inventor, creator, implementer of original projects. He has a natural gift of sensitivity to the spiritual beauty of another human being. 

Just being in his energy field has a soothing and regenerating effect on 



Day and Weekend Workshops.. The workshops are held periodically in pleasant and charming locations in various areas of Sardinia.


Upcoming workshop dates:

2024 – BREATH VIBRATIONS – 1-day workshop – Breath techniques combined with finding one’s own frequency and meditations under an activated pyramid and with the support of charged crystals.


2024 – MYSTICAL MEDITATIONS – Weekend workshop – A mystical meditative path for personal development using our pyramid.


2024 – ANCESTRAL INITIATION FOR HER – Weekend workshop – Transformative workshops for women who want to explore multidimensional spiritual work with energy, body, and soul. 

The workshops will combine work on all levels of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

We will use various tools and healing techniques, such as guided meditations, self-healing, relaxation techniques, work with chakras, crystal therapy, the healing power of pyramids and trees, circle conversations. 

During this workshop, you will take part in an ANCESTRAL INITIATION ceremony for Women, learn how to reconnect with the elements and Mother Earth and balance the arriving divine feminine goddess energies.

2024 – CHOOSING MYSELF – “How to break free from toxic people and forgive ourselves for allowing such a relationship?” – Weekend workshop – During these workshops, you will learn the symptoms of being in a toxic relationship, understand the types of toxic relationships, and discover proven ways to end hurtful relationships. You’ll become aware of the traits in yourself that predispose you to encounter toxic individuals in your life, and explore the connections between toxic relationships and karma. 

By healing your inner self, you heal your entire life. These workshops will bring about a deep and purifying process of change. 

Your involvement and conscious, sovereign consent will play a crucial role here. Say, “I CHOOSE MYSELF” now and every day thereafter.”



Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit Meditations. Meditations conducted in a safe space under the pyramid, energizing and balancing chakras.

Guided Meditations Under our Pyramid. Meditations conducted collectively in a safe space, harmonizing the function and expression of all chakras and energy channels. The meditation’s effect is enhanced by the pyramid, which, as an incredible channel of divine energy, intensifies the body’s function and regeneration. This fusion of meditation, pyramid therapy, sound therapy, and aromatherapy using the pyramid incorporates high-vibration sounds from bowls and gongs and scents that stimulate all senses. 

Meditations are held cyclically in various locations. You can participate at your convenience or engage in the entire cycle of meditations, conducted as a spiritual developmental path.

Currently available:

  • Monthly cyclic meditations balancing chakras (suitable for beginners in spiritual development) – open for enrolment at any stage of the process, starting in 2024.
  • MYSTICAL MEDITATIONS – a series of 10 meditations focusing on chakra balancing, elements of regression hypnosis, and journeys – starting in January 2024
  • A series of 8 monthly meditations dedicated to specific main chakras – meditations, sound work, learning one’s own vibrations – starting in January 2024

Registration for sessions, professional training, and further information available when you write to us: Info@bluegiants.org


Acupuncture DP Method

Acupuncture DP Method  DermoPsychosomatica® method.

What is acupuncture using the DP DermoPsychosomatica® method?

The DP method is a form of reflexology, meaning it works on the principle of reflection, not directly on specific spots but by using the skin’s surface as a mirror of the psychological and somatic zones. This implies that through the skin, it’s possible to access feelings. Therefore, what we experience emotionally translates into elements of the physical body, implying work on the energetic aspect of organs such as the liver, intestine, and pancreas.

The effective functioning of DP acupuncture is based on dependencies discovered by neurologist Giuseppe Calligaris, termed the triple dependency. 

This means that by stimulating certain points through the skin, we can improve our psyche or our body. Through the effect of the triple connection body-psychology-skin, we can react in three different ways:

  • On the energetic, functioning of a specific organ
  • On the psychological aspects, through work, or
  • By stimulating the skin on two fields

So, we come back to the skin! On the skin, a network of thin energy lines spreads (similar to the meridians used in TMC), which reflect the state of internal organs and the psychological state. We can discern imbalances on both the physical and psychological levels by working towards harmonizing feelings and thoughts.

All of this is achievable thanks to the fundamental rule of psycho-physical-skin dependency, “the law of antagonisms.” To better understand this context, let’s use an example: The cardiovascular system (physical) is connected according to the triple dependency with emotions and occurs on an energy line that flows along the longitudinal line of the little finger of the hand, from which the organ and related emotions are simultaneously reflected. The respiratory system (physical) is linked to sleep (emotions) and reflects on a line that runs between the little and ring fingers. Sleep implies rest but also tranquillity; a state that allows us to regain energy expended during periods of activity. Both emotions and sleep are two states that complement each other; thus, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work in antagonism.

However, here we don’t mean antagonism as in the collision of two enemies; they’re like opponents on two sides of the same scale! Therefore, the law of antagonism, allows the restoration of balance momentarily lost, through stimulating action on the line opposite to the one showing overstimulation!

The action can be spread across two energy lines passing through the body, forming a network and leading energy to the 10 aspects of the human foundation, both on a physical and psychological-emotional level. 

These aspects are:

  • Central nervous system – psychological dissociation
  • Autonomous nervous system – psychological association
  • Intestine – love
  • Liver – hatred
  • Stomach – forgetfulness (subconscious memory)
  • Genitourinary system (conscious memory)
  • Pancreas – pleasure
  • Spleen – pain
  • Cardiovascular system – emotions
  • Respiratory system – sleep/ tranquility

From the interaction between these energy lines, Calligaris discovered skin points, which are nothing but small sections of skin reflecting many emotions and interpersonal relationships. What could this mean? That it’s possible to work on one’s relationship with specific emotions, experiences, parental dynamics, through the skin. This is fantastical, in other words, a fantastic science. It’s science because it’s proven; it’s fantastic because it allows us to experience the incredible. Those who’ve tried it, know.


Naturopathy - Herbalism

Professional selection of herbs to help alleviate many ailments and health issues.”

“People have been using plants and herbs found in nature from rhe beginning. Their broad properties bring health benefits and positive outcomes in treating various conditions and diseases. Phytotherapy is a herbal cure that, naturally, restores health without causing side effects. It’s a method in classical medicine that utilizes the healing potential of natural resources present in nature, primarily in the form of herbs. Plants with medicinal properties exist in various parts such as bark, seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers, and roots. Herbs contain healing compounds that exhibit a beneficial impact on the human body. The influence of natural medicine and nutrition on the body is similar, differing only in the strength of their effects. 

Therefore, proper diet is of fundamental importance for our health. While we can determine healthy and organic meal ingredients and their proper preparation ourselves; with sufficient knowledge, using herbal remedies should only be done under the strict supervision of a specialist. Many herbs interact dangerously with medications, either enhancing or diminishing their effects. Herbal treatments can sometimes substitute or complement conventional medicine. For herbs to be effective, they must be organic, of high quality and carefully chosen at the right time by specialists. With our knowledge and extensive experience, we select herbal remedies that can help alleviate health problems. They complement medication, increase its effectiveness, and simultaneously reduce unwanted side effects. We believe in a holistic approach for each individual, combining conventional and complementary methods to support internal healing processes.”


Dietotherapy - GENOTYPE DIET

Dietotherapy – GENOTYPE DIET: The path to restoring health balance

The Genotype Diet – A matter of proper nutrition often triggers emotions and advice on what to eat, what to avoid, based on our genes, is not a short-term adjustment. The result of years of research and observation are my observations on why some of us react differently while following the same diet. Based on the concept that blood type and our genetic predisposition play a crucial role in our lives, an individualized gene diet has been created. Genes are inherited – new genes cannot be “acquired” nor can old ones be eliminated. However, genes received during conception mark just the beginning of the whole story.

From the prenatal period through childhood, youth, and adulthood, we have the possibility to “turn up” some genes and “quiet down” others, which has a tremendous impact on our health and happiness. We can analyze the designed trajectory of life and health, preparing for physical nature’s difficulties and challenges, understanding the conditions we might be prone to, and reacting effectively. Most importantly, unnecessary are the laboratory tests, medications, surgeries, and other medical procedures to achieve this extraordinary feat. All one needs to understand is how a diet and exercise plan can prove optimal for our genotype – grasping the unique mode of interaction between genes and cells.

Though the term genotype in traditional medical practice essentially refers to a set of genes in an individual, I use it in a more expanded sense, not just restricting it to chromosomes. In my understanding, the genotype encompasses relationships with the environment, the influence of family history, especially inherited conditions in a given family, environmental conditions, as well as the period of development in the mother’s womb. Understanding your genotype can lead to changing dietary habits, eliminating what disrupts the proper functioning of your organism, focusing on the best food choices for you, and physical activity that doesn’t strain your body. When you discover your genotype, it will be clear what diet, exercise plan, and supplements open up prospects for maintaining optimal body weight and health in your case. You’ll uncover which foods and exercises provide the best protection against the conditions you might be prone to.



ALL BODY TEST” modern diagnostics based on the latest generation of quantum bioresonance:

During a brief examination, you’ll learn about the state of your internal organs and get information on any deficiencies in vitamins and micronutrients in your body. All this from a single test, saving you the expense of costly laboratory tests. This method offers non-invasive, safe information gathering, providing a holistic view of illness, its causes, and methods for restoring health. The device operates based on energy flow in the body and bioimpedance. It reads the levels of various nutrients in the body: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and hormones. It determines blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as the proper functioning of strategic organs such as the pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, brain, and others.

The analyzer, employing magnetic resonance, represents the integration of advanced innovative technologies and designs in the fields of medicine, bioinformatics, electrical engineering, and other sciences. The use of quantum medicine as the foundation found its application in developing advanced electronic equipment enabling the detection of weak magnetic fields of human cells. Measurements serve to analyze and diagnose the main problems at the cellular level. The device was constructed based on scientific research conducted on astronauts (for NASA’s purposes). The accuracy and precision became mandatory elements for all these measurements.

There’s no doubt that in today’s times, electronic innovation has revolutionized the world. The area of diagnostics with quick microscopes and in the direction of acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the human body through the use of electromagnetic waves has also been revolutionized.

Clients Testimonial

Diego's holistic approach was life-changing. His expertise in acupuncture and herbal remedies effectively eased my chronic pain. His psychological counseling and calming hypnotherapy sessions provided a deeper understanding of my issues. Highly recommend his personalized care.
Emma K.
Diego's naturopathy and diet therapy significantly improved my energy levels. His tailored diet plan and herbal treatments helped alleviate my digestive discomfort. His insights into psychological aspects were invaluable in addressing my overall well-being.
Lucas M.
Diego's blend of herbal remedies and psychological counseling helped me combat anxiety. His empathetic approach and calming herbal treatments made a noticeable difference. His expertise in psychology and hypnotherapy offered unique perspectives in managing stress.
Olivia S.
Diego's acupuncture sessions were remarkably effective in relieving my muscle tension. His incorporation of psychological insights during sessions brought a deeper understanding of my physical discomfort. His holistic approach is commendable.
Ethan R.
Diego's naturopathy and herbal remedies were instrumental in my journey to better health. His personalized approach and dietary recommendations improved my overall wellness. His psychological counseling provided valuable tools for stress management.
Maya L.
Diego's expertise in both psychology and acupuncture helped me manage chronic headaches. His holistic approach addressed both physical and emotional triggers. His calming demeanor during sessions and insightful psychological guidance were exceptional.
Kasia S.
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