As Planet Earth’s vibrational level is rapidly increasing, (Schumann-Resonance) more and more people as a result, are changing their consciousness and awareness; realizing we are here to spread light, new ideas, love, unusual inventions, and healing, in order to contribute to the shift that needs to happen at a planetary level.
Deep inside, we have the needed expertise to find the solutions to manifest a new paradigm on earth.

We are living times where we are being called back to our origins, to source; back to an ancient (yet, new) way of relating.
We are being called to remember our original agreement with the living Earth, our mother, and reconnect to Pachamama. It is time to retake our true role as divine awaken and conscious loving souls acting as caretakers and guardians in our human vessels and not as “owners” of our beloved mother and nature.


What happened, what lead us here and how did we end up in this ancient, mystical and magical island.
After having been exploring, researching and experiencing the idea of living communally (some of us for over 2 decades) 5 of us decided to join an exploratory trip to Italy, with a few stops including Sardegna during the August full moon in 2023.

Long story short we had a guided meditation inside a giants tomb where we connected with the guardians of the land and all of us received clear messages in a download that changed our lives. Subsequently, three of us left our past lives behind and within 2 months we moved to Sardegna where we are now living and working full time on this project…



The founders, Diego, Wolf and Æshwa, are a group of beings who have chosen to thrive, live cooperatively together and work through the inevitable challenges in different perceptions and see them as an opportunity for spiritual, physical and emotional growth and further our development while visiting this plane of existence.


We converged due to our shared call, frequency, vision and values (developing and in progress awaiting your input as an equal beloved member of our tribe) and allow it to guide individual and collective responses.


We see the communal space, in and out, including the land as a living being that we want to harmoniously caretake and love, with our tribe, kindred souls and extended family. It is essential that our shared frequency and compatibility is absolutely on the same level. We see this as an integral part of our coming together, by the law of resonance and magnetism. We attract who we are, and thus we live it daily in manifesting thoughts, deed and actions.



The energetic connections on the body-mind-soul level often have an invisible effect on our health and well-being, which cannot be explained by our mind alone, and I support people on their path to self-knowledge. …..




Had a life in the corporate world (Business, Tax and Finance) developing parallel to his true passion for Sustainability, Gaia and IC’s before awakening to his shamanistic, healing memories…




DIEGO from the Tree of Health – holistic therapist with Italian roots, acupuncturist, Reiki master and teacher, hyponotherapist, naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist. Creator of original reflexology technique – DermopsychosomaticaⓇ…



Oona Soleil Ferguson

Druid, Shaman, Wisdomkeeper

Oona Soleil has been driven by a lifelong passion to explore the mysteries of our existence and the supernatural powers of our mind. Her many years training in some of the most powerful spiritual traditions from around the world, including African, Mayan, Eskimo, Native American, Eastern and Celtic cultures, have taught her to mind her mind for the impossible to become possible.

Marlene Katharina

Spiritual Coach, Author, Musician

As Ambassador of Universal Peace it is my task to support and connect those among us, who sense the possibility of harmony with all. If you feel to be part of this new peaceful-harmonious Reality while setting an example with your loving presence, then don’t be shy and get in touch with me!




A spiritual healing centre where we study, research, practice, preserve, offer and learn diverse wholistic modalities, alternatives, ancient wisdom combined with modern health technologies and treatments to offer to all of our members and visitors…


Are you interested in becoming part of the repeople project and have the great possibility to live on the beautiful island of Sardinia?


since our arrival in september 2023


If this resonates with you, contact us and let’s start our heart-to-heart conversation. 


If you’d like to support our IC project or any of its subprojects, financially, feel free to contact us for details

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